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Dai Wynn

Dai Wynn

Eaglemont, Victoria


Some of my friends wonder why I have changed my name from David to Dai. The short answer is that I haven’t. My parents, sisters and immediate family always used Dai (but pronounced “day”) as a short form of David — a nickname if you like. However, it appears that the Welsh adopted the name "Dai” (pronounced “die”) as a short form of Dafydd (pronounced “Dahveth”) the patron saint of Wales and also known as St David just across Offa’s Dyke.

Why Wales? Well the name “Wynn” means fair-skinned or white in the Welsh language and my ancestors were certainly from around those parts (others were from Ireland and Cornwall, but paid full fare to sail to Australia. None was transported in chains I might add). Dafydd, being the Welsh version of David, comes from Hebrew where it means “beloved”.

I thought that it would be cool to distinguish between Dr David C Wynn the electrical and telecommunications engineer, and Dai Wynn the artist. It was originally intended to avoid the perception that an engineer, being left-brained, would not have a creative bone in his body, while the right-brained artist would be barely able to count to three, let alone write a 300-page PhD thesis on advanced applied mathematics. In fact, it’s probably caused a small amount of confusion. Oh well.

I have always drawn and painted, but have never really been able to follow a professional path which combined the two. During my early electrical engineering studies, I did some painstakingly detailed drawings of machinery and my lecture notes were beautifully written in copperplate script. I was also the person to paint the band’s name on the base drum skin, write the invitation to the annual ball, or to inscribe the inventors’ initials on the aluminium housing of the newest solid state car ignition widget. Perhaps I should have been an industrial designer or an architect, but many in those professions are not engineers and are not expected to design something which actually works or stands up or is even able to be built. Quite frustrating.

My paintings in watercolours on fine papers and oils on stretched canvas are realistic pictorial records of my travels around the world. The artworks depict visually attractive locations in England, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, China, New Zealand and Australia. My paintings can be found in private collections in Canada, USA, China, France, England and Australia. I have also been commissioned to paint the portraits of several prominent Australians and have twice entered portraits in the prestigious Archibald Prize.

In early 2014, I moved my studio to Eaglemont, at the foot of Mount Eagle, the birthplace in 1888 of the Heidelberg School of Art. This group, latterly called "Australian Impressionists", comprised such iconic names as Frederick McCubbin, Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Charles Conder, Walter Withers, Louis Abrahams and Jane Sutherland. These artists chose to paint "en plein air" and many of their famous works were painted in Eaglemont.


Swiss Glacier by Dai Wynn


Budapest in Spring by Dai Wynn


Fondamenta Malvasia, Rio S Maurizio by Dai Wynn


Rio San Maurizio Venice by Dai Wynn


Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris by Dai Wynn


Wakatipu Poplar in Autumn by Dai Wynn


Blue Mediterranean Morning by Dai Wynn


Duernstein on the Danube in Austria by Dai Wynn


Tapeka Beach Russell Bay of Islands NZ by Dai Wynn


Afternoon at Port St Mary on the Isle of Man by Dai Wynn


Lake Wanaka Morning Reflections by Dai Wynn


Darebin Waterfall by Dai Wynn


Como on Lake Como Lombardy Italy by Dai Wynn


Apple Blossom Aquarelle by Dai Wynn


Darebin Boulder and Gumtree by Dai Wynn


Positano Acquarello by Dai Wynn


Mediterranean Evening Clouds by Dai Wynn


Maiori Evening Clouds by Dai Wynn


The Valley at Sunset by Dai Wynn


Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy by Dai Wynn


Duomo di Asolo by Dai Wynn


Rue du Pirou in Thiers France by Dai Wynn


Eglise Notre Dame de Lorette Paris by Dai Wynn


Amalfi Village at Dusk by Dai Wynn


Darebin Creek in Flood by Dai Wynn


Burnt Stump in Lane Cove National Park by Dai Wynn


Apple Tree Creek at Bobbin Head by Dai Wynn


Sacre Coeur atop Montmartre in Paris by Dai Wynn


Chateau d Eau Montmartre by Dai Wynn


Valentine Rose 2017 by Dai Wynn


Mullum Mullum Creek Rocks by Dai Wynn


Year of the Rooster 2017 by Dai Wynn


Museum of Tanneries in Maringues France by Dai Wynn


Via Browning in Asolo Veneto Italy by Dai Wynn


La Petite France in Strasbourg by Dai Wynn


Il Vigneto by Dai Wynn


Bearded Elf on Skis by Dai Wynn


Lane Cove Burnt Stump by Dai Wynn


Paris Pont Aleandre 3 on the Seine by Dai Wynn


Sunlit Waterfalls in the Blue Mountains by Dai Wynn


Bondi Beach on Monday by Dai Wynn


Katoomba Falls and Escarpment Blue Mountains by Dai Wynn


Twin gumtrees in the Lane Cove National Park by Dai Wynn


An Afternoon Walk along a Lane Cove Track by Dai Wynn


Afternoon beside the Lane Cove River by Dai Wynn


A rose in Benalla Botanic Gardens by Dai Wynn


Via Browning Asolo Italy by Dai Wynn


Calf of Man from Cregneash Heritage Village by Dai Wynn